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Children held in concrete cells


Holding Cells

For those demanding that undocumented immigrants be treated like the criminals they are for breaking the laws of this country, here is evidence of criminalizing children. 

Unprepared []

Unprepared for the increased numbers of unaccompanied children crossing the border and fearing security issues in housing these children, local officials house children in cages.  When asked about the reasons for using cages to house these children, local officials indicated they were fearful of assaults by other detainees against young children.  

The line that separates security from inhumane seems to be a very thin one. When I think of humans in cages I think of caged animals but I do wonder what we are to do when we are not prepared to deal with the massive numbers of children showing up on our borders with nowhere to house them.  The concerns with security are another issue we must take into account.  Many of these children are victims of abuse and to further endanger them would be inhumane.