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Arpaio's fails to investigate sex crimes against undocumented children

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Arpaio's failure[]

A man known for his intense hatred of "illegal immigrants" took an evil twist when he refused to investigate sex crimes against children.  Arpaio further expressed his disdain for these individuals by stating "If there were any victims, I apologize to those victims," when asked why his office had neglected to investigage sex crimes against mostly Hispanics and many of them children. In El Mirage, Arizona, Bill Louis, ex-assitant police chief, said “he believes whoever made the decision knew that illegal immigrants — who are often transient and fear the police — were unlikely to complain about the quality of investigations. He said some cases also involved families here legally”

Arpaio, known for his racist views against Hispanics, has drawn negative attention and even faced a lawsuit by the federal government for his treatment of Hispanics.  I say Hispanics because although Arpaio professes to be an enforcer of the law targeting criminals, he conducts raids on businesses owned by Hispanics, businesses that typically employ Hispanics and refuses to prosecute criminal cases in which the victims are Hispanics. Notorious for instructing his deputies to arrest individuals who cannot produce citizen documentation, he does not target Asians, Europeans, or Middle Easterners.  For a man who claims to be the "toughest sheriff" in the U.S., he is truly a coward, targeting those who are unlikely to fight back, preying on their fears. 

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