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The Sexual Objectification of Women and How it is Normalized


As long as women are oppressed somewhere in the world, there can be no freedom.

Wife slut

Women are sluts at heart! These vans belong to a company in Australia spreading their hate.

Slut van

Slut-shaming in action!


Misogyny in action!


Male entitlement!



Ominous Rape Trees Set Up Along U.S.-Mexico Border by Coyotes Serve as a Foreshadowing of Impending Doom to Women and Children

Rape fault

Not Asking For IT ... Rape is NEVER the Victim's Fault

About offenders

Rape Statistics from


Rape Statistics from


Rape Statistics from


Lisa Sendrow Shames George Will Column on CNN - " Rape Is Not A Privilege For Anybody "

Patriarchy slut shaming and downplaying Rape Culture

Rape Culture

March Against Rape Culture and Gender Inequality in Boston Massachusetts.

Rape Culture2

In front of the Massachusetts State House: March Against Rape Culture and Gender Equality in Boston, Massachusetts.


The Reality of Rape Culture: Protesting the rising epidemic of sexual assault/violence against women on college campuses in the U.S.


In light of the Supreme Court's ruling on corporations over women's rights: Women - not real people, less than human. Misogyny at work in our so-called justice system.


"Dekh Le" -- Issued in Public Interest by Whistling Woods International-0

The Male Gaze - the objectification of women; the man looks; the woman is looked at. Man is in control; the woman is merely an object to be seen.


The Rape Tree - a place where Mexican drug cartel members and coyotes who smuggle humans across the border rape one or more of the women among them - more than one rape tree exists along the border.


U.S. Border Guards Torture Rape & Murder! America's Police State Is Completely Out Of Control

U.S. Border Patrol Agents Sexually Assaulting Immigrants


Fox News Contributor College Girls Crave Rape Victim Status

Patriarchal Contempt for Women


NEWSNIGHT America's college rape epidemic

Rape Epidemic on College Campuses Across the U.S.


30 Republicans Vote Against Anti-Rape Bill

30 Republicans Vote Against Anti-Rape Bill

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Every 2 minutes Someone is Sexually Assaulted

Unite Against Rape -

Unite Against Rape

2013ncvrw sexualviolence graph1-600px

How many men are raped compared to women?


Celebs star in new White House anti-rape PSA

Rape Culture So Bad It Has a Task Force Implemented by President Obama


Rape Statistics

Chilling Rape Statistics in the U.S.


Rape Culture in the United States

Rape Culture


OPPRESSED MAJORITY (Majorité Opprimée English), by Eleonore Pourriat

When women behave like predatory men ... Rape Culture Reversed

Women Warriors

Women Warriors Fight Rape Culture Epidemic in India

By Linda Crews-Lerma

Rape Culture: Why it is a problem ... []

There are innumerable instances where women have been subjected to sex and violence as if that is their sole purpose for existence – as objects to be used as seen fit by the Patriarchal culture.  Patriarchy can be defined as any culture that privileges men by promoting sexist beliefs in the inborn inferiority of women (Tyson 85).  This rape culture that is so prevalent in today’s culture has become a monster.  As a humanistic and benevolent society, this cultural monstrosity should concern everyone greatly.  The oppression of women economically, politically, socially, sexually, and psychologically has a long and violent history – the U.S. –Mexico border is part of that history.  The patriarchy belief that women are innately inferior to men and as such should submit to men in all aspects of life is the predominant ideology in today’s world run by men.  The patriarchy defines the ‘traditional gender roles’ casting women as emotional, weak, nurturing, and submissive.  Women are expected to conform to these assigned roles, and if not are labeled as whores or wicked.  These cultural monstrosities objectify women and as objects they are used without consideration of their own feelings, opinions, or perspectives.  So this brings up the question:  Why is rape and/or sex and violence such a significant aspect of history past and present?  My focus will be rape culture on the U.S. - Mexico border and how this violent treatment is in actuality a mirror of the patriarchal ideologies about women around the world thereby making rape culture not only a border problem along the U.S. – Mexico border, but a global problem in which women are sexually and violently oppressed by patriarchal society.  The rhetoric I will be considering will reveal the exploitation and oppression of women and the prevalence of a rape culture – “a concept used to describe a society that accepts rape as an inevitable part of life, excuses, tolerates, and in some extreme cases, condones rape.  At the center of this historical oppression of women is the patriarchal ideology that seeks to maintain dominance over the female through reliance on ‘phallogocentric’ thinking – thinking that is male oriented defining ‘woman’ only by her difference from male norms and values (Tyson 92).  This page can make one cognitively aware that rape culture exists and is a reality living amongst us.  It has reached epidemic proportions.  Women and men must unite to end rape culture and create a new masculinity and a new movement, maybe even a revolution.


Rape Culture: Why is Awareness Important?[]

An examination of the news headlines will reveal the reality of women and young children being tormented by a patriarchal society that seems to be perpetuating a rape culture instead of ending it.  Here are a few examples (in reality there are seemingly endless examples) out of the headlines here to help bring awareness to the cultural monster of rape culture in our society.  A few samples are:  “FBI: Central American woman raped in wildlife refuge near Mission,” “What makes a slut? The only rule, it seems, is being female: It's a warning more than a word: a reminder to women to adhere to sexual norms or be punished,” “Why the world should care about the war against Guatemalan Women,” “Ux5: Shorter Maine GOP Legislator: Rape should be legal. No, seriously,” “Violence against women in Mexico surges out of control, but who is to blame?” “Symptoms of illegal border crossings include a Rape Tree,” and finally “Violence against women ‘pandemic’ in Mexico.”  What we see here are women being objectified, violated, defiled, dehumanized, and marginalized treated like objects according to patriarchy, to be used without consideration of their own perspectives, feelings, or opinions – from a patriarchal standpoint, women’s perspectives, feelings, and opinions don’t count unless they conform to those of patriarchy (Tyson 91).  When you have the patriarchal leaders in communities around the world speaking such diabolical rhetoric as:  “Sometimes rape is right.”  “She’s a sexual person. The things she wanted done were done.”  In reference to a fourteen year old girl getting raped, “She’s older than her chronological age.” To a female politician, “Breed, don’t lead!” A GOP (male) politician stating, “Rape should be legal.” In Iran leaders say to women, “Take off the veil and be raped!” – No one can deny the damage oppressive patriarchal ideologies are doing to womankind across the globe.  We have reached an emergency of such extreme magnitude that unless society as a whole, men and women together, demand action that will bring about change in patriarchy’s attitudes about femininity, masculinity, and gender roles, rape culture will continue to get worse.  As Gloria Anzaldua asserts, “We need a new masculinity and the new man needs a movement” (106).  Now is the time for this new movement.  Rape culture reaches across borders and infects every nation in the world.  Borders cannot stop a war such as rape culture; there is no stopping it unless all nations come together to create new ideologies free from oppressive beliefs that degrade, dehumanize, defile, objectify, violate, and marginalize women, and men too.