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Students cross U.S. border for a public school education

Education Crossing

This is in regards with students who cross into the United States to receive a free education.

There has been an abundance of undocumented children crossing from Mexico, on a daily basis, into south Texas to receive a free education. Many Mexican families seek that their love ones obtain what Mexico schooling does not offer, a free breakfast, lunch and a highly qualified, at no cost, education. Majority of the times, the mother is not a United States citizen (crossed the border only to conceive her child) and has someone she knows (maybe a relative) to walk her child daily for instruction in the United States. According to the news media, thousands of illegal children are caught with relatives or alone crossing the southern borders in search of a better life and education. Although, what is the annual cost of an education for a single child and how much is it costing a taxpayer to pay? The annual cost of a student receiving an education in south Texas is nearly $7,000. What about our American children who have been living in the United States for decades with their parents and whom have contributed to the taxpayer’s dollar? Are American children receiving the same attention now that the numbers have tremendously increased in the classroom? Has the United States education program forgotten about their young citizens who are sitting in the classroom or have they been forgotten by the illegal children who are coming in by the bus loads and not paying a single dime?

The American taxpayer pays nearly $7,000.00 for an undocumented child who is receiving a free education in the United States. It is important to know, as a taxpayer, how much is being paid per illegal child and why is nothing being done about it? Why is American economy allowing thousands of these children to cross illegally into the United States and receive the same education and have the same rights as American citizen child? How does this change our understanding of the borders? As much as the national security wants to control the borders, why have they not put a stop to this? Why are these undocumented children taking the free bus ride to transport themselves to school and back while the American taxpayer continues to pay? How can school districts control this outrage of numbers of illegals attending schooling? School districts do not have much choice since in 1982, Supreme Court ruled that as long as a parent proofs residency such as a water bill that is sufficient proof for that child to attend school in the United States.


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