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Hari Kondabolu- 2042 & the White Minority

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This is a page to discuss the way we discuss borders and particularly how we view the U.S.-Mexico border.

These are your Works Cited and Works Cited 2 pages.

Frontera: The Space Between[]

You will create a wikipage on a subject that deals with the subject area of Border Theory & Rhetorics. The catch here is that whatever you choose has to offer something different that what can be found on Wikipedia. The purpose of this course is to expand our definition of what the border means and explore the language we use to discuss borders (primarily the U.S.-Mexico border) and explores the issues of borders. Pages:

9/11 and the Rhetoric of National Defense



Border Rhetorics and Whiteness

Breaking the Cycle of Incest on the Border

Brownsville: The Rhetorics of Progress

Children on the Border

Cross Border Education



Exploring Curanderismo

Failing System: Deprivation of Knowledge Along the Border

The Cost to Cross: The Physical and Monetary Price Paid by Immigrants

The Hispanic Challenge

Intercultural Discrimination

Land Grants

Rape Culture on the U.S. - Mexico Border   by Linda Crews-Lerma

Rape Culture on the U.S.-Mexico Border - Continued... By Linda Crews-Lerma

Sex Trafficking

Undocumented Children Along the Border

Undocumented Children

Drug Wars and Militarization on the Border

Women's Education

Possible Subjects:

1. Librotraficante

2. The Lost Girls of Juarez

3. New Immigration

4. Border Wall

5. Border Patrol

6. 9/11 and the Rhetoric of National Defense

7. Women on the Border

8. Queerness on the Border

9. Native Americans and Borders

10. The New Chican@ Movement

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